Saturday, May 15, 2004

Chuck Turner, Sadiki Kambon, Akbar Muhammad, and The Boston Globe

Members of the Committee of Public Safety, fellow citizens,

Recently, The Boston Globe published a story, promoted by Boston City councilor Chuck Turner and 'activist' Sadiki Kambon. In this story, Turner and Kambon claimed to have photographs of United States soldiers raping Iraqi women. The photographs were shown in the Globe in an incidental manner -- photographs of Turner and Kambon holding the images in question were printed.

The Globe has since offered an apology for the appearance of these images in print. In the words of Christine Chinlund, ombudsman for the Globe: "[T]here are things in there that are in fact inappropriate for a family newspaper." (Source:, story here)

I first read the above story yesterday and did not think much of it. It turns out, however, that the images showing the purported 'rapes' were in fact not authentic, but taken from a pornographic website, a story I first saw in a May 12 post by BostonIrish and fully chronicled by WorldNetDaily (story here). According to WorldNetDaily, Akbar Muhammad of the Nation of Islam passed the photographs to activist Sadiki Kambon, who along with Boston City councilor Chuck Turner distributed them at a new conference.

As the Patriots For Bush blog passionately argues here, Turner and Kambon took to the airwaves to inflame opponents of the Iraq war, both here and abroad. As their post notes: "What they did was attempt to turn people against America. That ladies and gentlemen is clear cut treason." Muhammad's passing off of the photographs as authentic to Kambon is a treasonous act as well, as he knew full well what the photographs would be used for. Patriots For Bush deconstructs the motivations of Turner and Kambon and their ilk very eloquently. I need not say anything more than read the post linked above.

The Boston Globe is exposed as a fool for missing the point about these images. Their apology focused on the explicit nature of the images, completely missing the fact that the images did not in fact represent what Turner and Kambon (and Muhammad) claimed they did. Journalists are supposed to fact check before printing stories, particularly stories of such a sensitive nature.

Chuck Turner, Sadiki Kambon, and Akbar Muhammad are denounced as traitors for willfully circulating false images in an effort to inflame opposition to the United States in both domestic and foreign quarters and, by extension, undermine American national security.

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