Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Formation of the Committee of Public Safety

Members of the Committee of Public Safety, fellow citizens,

I have created this forum in order to make known the threats against our nation from without and from within. There are those among us who, quite vocally, wish to undermine this nation during this time of international turmoil, a time when our nation, and all of the civilized world stands against the forces of barbarism, despotism, and terror. Those who would do violence upon this nation, its citizens, and upon civilization as a whole must be broken and destroyed; those who impede the quest to defend civilization and free those under the barbaric despotism of these killers and their regimes must be exposed and denounced. And expose them and denounce them we will.

I have named this forum after a famous speech given by Pavel Miliukov, a member of the Russian Duma during the Tsarist era. Miliukov pointed out the failings of the Tsarist regime in its prosecution of the First World War and in its handling of internal political stress. After each charge Miliukov leveled against the Tsar's government, he would ask, "What was this, treason or stupidity?"

I am well aware of the irony of this selection: Miliukov was critical of his regime, while I am defending mine. But Miliukov wanted what was truly best for Russia, and sought the removal of Tsarist ministers that obstructed that end. The Tsar and Tsarina's ministers were indeed corrupt, incompetent, and in one case, clinically insane. I, too, what want is best for my beloved America. And there is indeed room for legitimate criticism of the current war effort. But the shrill critics of this country and its current administration have neither the interests of the nation nor of Western civilization at heart. They seek the failure of America in our fight against the agents of despotism and repression. They seek the failure of America in order to subordinate America and her citizens to external control from the so-called "international community," a community populated by petty tin-pot dictators, corrupt international organizations, and outright ruthless murderers. Above all, they seek the failure of this administration to seize power for themselves. To do this, they spread lies and half-truths about the administration, ignore or downplay its accomplishments, coddle the barbarians that wish to kill us, and worship at the unholy altar of the corrupt "international community."

This brings us back to Miliukov: What is this, treason or stupidity? Are those who would undermine America traitors or fools? The answer is, of course, both. Some are traitors who would willingly subjugate American citizens to international forces beyond our control, in the name of "internationalism" or "cosmopolitanism." Others are dupes who refuse to believe that terrorists who have repeatedly expressed a desire to kill us and conquer liberalized, capitalized Western nations can be "understood" and "reasoned with." Still others are mindless sheep, shock troops led by the traitors and the fools. They must and will be exposed for what they are.

I have taken my nom de cyber from Maximilien Robespierre, leader of the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolution. He brought stability to France, and denounced counter-revolutionary threats to the new regime. He himself was later executed. But throughout it all, he did not shrink. On the eve of his death, he said "Shall we say that all is well? We would ruin the country!" We cannot stand idly by and ignore threats to America silently. We must expose the statements and misdeeds of these enemies, traitors, and fools to the harsh light of day and the withering scrutiny of the republic.

In 1794, Robespierre said: "This terrible war waged by liberty against tyranny- is it not indivisible? Are the enemies within not the allies of the enemies without?" Today I take his name and his mantle, and will expose the enemies, and traitors and fools who would undermine us. I follow in the footsteps of many bloggers before me, and hope to work with them in due time.

I am,
Robespierre the Incorruptible

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