Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Michael Moore, Propagandist and Traitor

Members of the Committee of Public Safety, fellow citizens,

I come before you to denounce Michael Moore, a notorious leftist propagaindist. Moore's denunciation, long inevitable, was cemented by the screening of his anti-American screed, "Farenheit 9/11," the point of which, as Moore himself expliticly states, is to turn public opinion against the administration during an election year.

Moore clearly hates the United States of America. Following 9/11, Moore was one of the first to take to the airwaves to blame President Bush, although the planning of such an intricate attack clearly began under Clinton's watch. Further, in one of the most disgusting comments by anyone following the murders of 3,000 innocent civilians, Moore lamented that the terrorists attacked New York City, a predominantly Democratic city, rather than a city that served as home to Republicans. Then, Moore praised the reprehensible crackpot Cynthia McKinney, then a Congresswoman, for voting against military action against the Taliban, the brutal regime which housed the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. (McKinney later tried to accept money from a Saudi prince who blamed America's Israeli policy for 9/11. She was defeated in a reelection primary in 2002. After her defeat, her father blamed the Jews.)

Moore's filmmaking can be charitably described as dishonest. His distortions, misrepresentations, and outright lies have spawned numerous websites by clear-thinking individuals debunking his outlandish claims. His previous film, "Bowling for Columbine", won an Academy Award from the Hollywood left. It also created calls for the revokation of his Oscar, as he clearly did not live up to documentary standards in his film (see "Bowling For Truth"). It is also worth noting that Moore called President Bush a "fictitious president" waging a "fictitious war" during his Oscar acceptence speech, a declaration that got him booed by even the Hollywood Left.

Now, Moore is at the Cannes Film Festival, screening "Farenheit 9/11." The first showing of his film garnered him a 20-minute ovation from the anti-American glitterati and French fans on hand.

In interviews promoting the film, Moore displays not only left-wing loonery, but a clear messianic complex:

Referring to Bush as "the dumbest man who ever ran for the presidency," Moore said Al Gore (news - web sites) and the Democrats were unable to inspire voters to turn out for the 2000 election. So the film is important: "We decided we were not going to leave it up to the Democrats to fuck it up again and lose it."

Asked... if people will view his attacks on the administration as unpatriotic, he said, "I'm the most patriotic American who believes the principles of his country." Saying America had created a lot of global havoc, he added, "My job is to be an American and try to turn things around." (source here)

Essentially, Moore has cast himself and his film as the savior of the Democratic Party in 2004. (This from a man who endorsed retired general and full-time kook Wesley Clark in the primaries.) The Democratic Party is already planning to utilize the movie as a fundraising tool and campaign weapon (source here).

I keep returning to Moore's claim to be a "patriotic American." Patriotic Americans do not express regret that the 3,000 killed in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 were probably Democrats instead of Republicans. Patriotic Americans do not laud as corageous leftist kooks who oppose legitimate retaliation for those murders. And patriotic Americans certainly do not use their fame to assemble and promote a film full of lies and distortions in an effort to sway voters into believing that the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the United States of America is at once a dimwitted buffoon and a sly conspirator, with the end goal of undermining America's standing in the world.

A negative review of "Farenhiet 9/11," written by a fan of "Columbine," is here.

Michael Moore, propagandist, is denounced as a traitor.

I am,
Robespierre the Incorruptable

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