Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Senator Edward Kennedy

Members of the Committee of Public Safety, fellow citizens,

I come before you today to denounce Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. For most of you, I am sure this does not come as a surprise. Senator Kennedy, after all, is a notorious leftist who seems to undermine America at every turn. But this past week, Kennedy crossed the line. Kennedy took to the Senate floor (full text here) and offered downright treasonous rhetoric on the current war effort, particularly regarding Abu Ghraib.

Kennedy began by attacking the rationale for war:

Protection of the Iraqi people from the cruelty of Saddam had become one of the administration's last remaining rationalizations for going to war. All of the other trumped-up rationalizations have collapsed.
Saddam was not on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons. He had no persuasive link to Al-Qaida. He had nothing to do with 9/11. We have found no weapons of mass destruction.

All of the above statements are lies. First, the administration never said that Saddam Hussein was an imminent threat. The whole point of preemption is to remove a potential threat before it becomes imminent. The administration argued that Saddam's regime had tried in the past to acquire nuclear weapons. The administration argued that he would likely attempt to do so in the future. Therefore, the administration reasoned, we need to remove him before he does.

Secondly: No persuasive link to al-Qaida? What about Ansar al-Islam, Senator? According to a FrontPageMag.com article (available here) makes it clear that Ansar al-Islam was an al-Qaida affiliate operating in Iraq. Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi (of Nick Berg execution infamy) was one al-Qaida operative working with Ansar al-Islam. The US military even found documents tying the two groups together (source here).

Third, on Iraq and 9/11. Various outlets have reported on meetings between Iraqi intelligence and al-Qaida members. Iraqi intelligence had a hand in the 93 WTC bombing. And, as Ann Coulter notes in her May 12 column: "a Clinton-appointed federal judge, U.S. District Court judge Harold Baer, has made a legal finding that Iraq was behind the 9-11 attacks -- a ruling upheld by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals last October." Certainly, there must be some factual evidence, Senator, that Iraq was somehow involved, if the US court system found that they were.

Finally, on weapons of mass destruction. We're awaiting the Senator's retraction of this statement based on today's news that sarin agent was detected in a bomb exploded in Iraq (Yahoo story here and FoxNews story here, first seen at BostonIrish). We doubt a retraction is coming, however.

Kennedy manages four lies in just one paragraph. Yet his speech continues:
On March 19, 2004, President Bush asked: ``Who would prefer that Saddam's torture chambers still be open?'' Shamefully, we now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management--U.S. management.

Kennedy has essentially argued that the United States is morally equivalent to the Hussein regime. If that is the case, Senator, where are the American rape rooms (apart from a few Boston activists' fake photos)? Where are the American mass graves? Where is the widespread permanent and brutal disfigurment caused at the hands of Americans? Where are the thousands of Iraqis disappearing, never to be heard from again because of Americans? Nowhere, Senator, because these incidents of state terror were ended when the United States military, led by President Bush, removed Saddam Hussein from power.

Kennedy finished his diatribe by calling for an independent investigation. No doubt, he would like to see one like the 9/11 Commission, whose liberal members (Gorelick, Ben-Veneste, and Kerrey) make outlandish statements that get parroted by the media.

This is not the only forum to criticize Senator Kennedy on this score.

From an editorial in the Mobile Register, which called for Kennedy's resignation:

This comes on top of Mr. Kennedy saying last year that the entire war effort was a "fraud" undertaken for political advantage, while accusing President Bush of using "bribery" to secure the support of foreign leaders....
This is all hate speech, pure and simple, coming from a man whose own moral compass has time and again been notoriously skewed.
But to go so far as to impugn the Bush administration, and the U.S. armed services, as having deliberately "re-opened" Saddam Hussein's "torture chambers" is to go beyond the acceptable limits of public discourse.

From a New York Post editorial:
Unfortunately, because such slanderous nonsense was uttered by a senator with the magic "Kennedy" name, it's impossible to ignore - even if it comes straight from Michael Moore's playbook.
If Ted Kennedy cannot tell the difference between the abuses at Abu Ghraib, disturbing as they are, and the systematic, decades-long litany of torture and torment inflicted on thousands of Iraqis by Saddam Hussein's henchmen, then he has no business sitting in the United States Senate.

Even President Bush's re-election website blog mentions Kennedy's speech (here).

Given all of this, Senator Edward Kennedy is denounced as a traitor. He has spread outright lies about the administration's war effort, slandered American troops, and has drawn fallacious parallels between the Abu Ghraib 'abuses' by a handful of servicemen and the long-term, systematic, and disgusting torture perpetrated by Saddam's Baathists. And he does all of these things to undermine the administration's standing at home and abroad.

I am,
Robespierre the Incorruptible.

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