Thursday, May 27, 2004

Vice President Al Gore, Traitor
MoveOn, Traitorous Organization

Members of the Committee of Public Safety, fellow citizens,

I come before you today to condemn the remarks of former Vice president Al Gore. Today, Gore committed an incredibly egregious breach of decorum in verbally assaulting the present administration and its war conduct. MoveOn, a gaggle of shrill leftists which sees nothing wrong with comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler, sponsored this speech, and is complicit in Gore's treasonous rantings. While I will comment on Gore's speech, I will not link it, as I do not wish to legitimize MoveOn.

Gore began his speech by invoking the "successful strategy of containment." Containment is an outdated doctrine that applied to the bipolar, Cold War world of the 1940s through the 1980s. Containment only works when enemies are states, that is, they have defined borders, easily identifiable power centers, and some sort of easily defined and contacted leadership structure. The enemy today has almost none of that. We are fighting against forces that containment cannot contain, as terror networks commingle with rogue states and cult-ish, underground, ideological leaders. We are not dealing with traditional armies and navies and air forces. The enemy today consists of terror cells which are trained and funded in these rogue states then covertly slip across our borders. How can containment prevent such elements from striking in our society?

The answer is: it cannot. The 1993 WTC bombing, the embassy bombings in 1998, Khobar Towers, the attack on the USS Cole, and 9/11 all demonstrate that terrorists cannot be contained. Action must be taken to remove regimes which fund terror or allow terrorist organizations to use their soil. Furthermore, reverence for the Cold War-era containment doctrine is misplaced. Containment, as a doctrine, consigned billions to slavery and tens of millions to death under totalitarian systems. Rollback, President Reagan's approach, ended up bringing freedom to these countries and ended the Cold-War nuclear threat. Rollback in the 21st century will similarly end dictatorial control over the state-terror group networks and severely limit the terrorist threat posed to the West.

Also contained in this speech were the typical-but-patently-untrue liberal talking points: first "Bush lied about the WMDs." First of all, Bush relied on intelligence estimates. That WMDs were not immediately found in the quantities expected is hardly the fault of the President, as others with access to the same intelligence came to the conclusion that Iraq possessed WMDs, including President Clinton, and Senators Kerry and Kennedy. In any case, the "nonexistent WMDs" argument is fiction. As Ann Coulter notes:

So far, we have found chemical and biological weapons – brucella and Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever, ricin, sarin, aflatoxin – and long-range missiles in Iraq.

Another Gore gem and standard liberal talking-point-lie was the claim that civil liberties were being infringed upon by the Patriot Act, most notably the line that your library records are now endangered. Andrew McCarthy in NRO's Corner debunks this myth here. The Patriot act, in all cases, requires judicial approval to examine business records.

Then we have the ever-so-common claim that the US is acting unilaterally. The White House website lists 48 nations publicly committed to the Iraq war, a number which does not count covert aid from other nations.

Gore then trots out another leftist canard: that we have been made less safe since the Iraq war. Gore argued that al-Qaida now has over 18,000 terrorists worldwide. As Jihad Watch reports (here) somewhere between 70,000 and 120,000 fighters went through al-Qaida camps. They now only have 18,000 fighters worldwide? More from Jihad Watch:
The idea that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have boosted Al-Qaida is dear to the hearts of people like Ted Kennedy, but where would we be now if there had been no response to 9/11, or if that response had amounted to just a few cruise missiles lobbed into Waziristan? Would the al-Qaida members who already existed before 9/11 have folded up shop and stopped attacking Westerners?

Perhaps more importantly, we have captured or killed a large portion of the al-Qaida leadership, which certainly crimps the planning and training phases of any terrorist plots.

Gore also offers some very strange statements in his speech. He talks about American "dominance," then cites the sexual theories of Freud and De Sade in reference to Abu Ghraib. He then advises Senator Kerry not to make any definitive statements about how he would solve the "rapidly changing" Iraq situation, a courtesy that he would certainly not grant to the President. He finished his speech by waving the liberal equivalent of the "bloody shirt": he claimed that the 2000 election was fraudulent.

Barbara Comstock of the Capital Report offered this critique of Gore's performance:
Al Gore is proving to be the most irrelevant, comically absurd former Vice President since Spiro Agnew. He is no longer a serious political figure. (Source)

I've come to the same conclusion. The man is clearly unhinged. As a former Vice President who had access to intelligence estimates and national security briefings, Gore should know full well the threat posed by the combination of rogue states, terrorist tactics, and WMDs. Instead, he takes to the stage and the airwaves to call for the resignation of loyal public servants like Secretary Rumsfeld and National Security Advisor Rice, to claim that an administration that has taken as its central policy rooting out terrorist threats has in fact increased the danger, and to peddle the longstanding, tired, and patently false positions of the American and international left. As Right Wing News so eloquently put it (here):
For the most part, liberals have been worse than dead weight in the war on terrorism. In their zeal to attack Bush and other Republicans, they've gotten so carried away that they've in effect turned into a giant PR agency for America's enemies, including Al-Qaida.

For this reason, Al Gore is denounced as a traitor.

MoveOn, for promoting his traitorous discourse, as well as its persistent comparisons of the Bush Administration to Nazi Germany, and its opposition to the war in Afghanistan, is complicit in this treason and denounced as well.

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